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Def Con Sound System is the experimental musical project of Toronto-based, Juno Award winning musician Adam Sewell.

Since 1996, former Monster Voodoo Machine vocalist Adam Sewell has used 'Def Con Sound System' as a catch-all band name for various miscellaneous musical projects; including soundtracks, one-off live performances, and even a short lived full-on touring band.

Sewell has recently completed the first full-length Def Con Sound System album titled ‘Silver Bullets’. Co-produced by Sewell, and Jon Drew (Arkells, Tokyo Police Club, Fucked Up), the album was conceived, and written as a fictional movie soundtrack compilation album which combines radically different sounding songs and soundscapes to (hopefully) take listeners into the world of ‘Silver Bullets’, and out of the comfort zone of a traditional rock album format.

'Silver Bullets' was released July 12, 2019 on the Stereo Dynamite Recordings label (www.StereoDynamite.com)


"Silver Bullets' album to be released July 12.

Full information available here: https://www.defconsoundsystem.com/news

Silver Bullets tracklisting:

1. Theme From Silver Bullets
2. Pistol Whipped
3. A Moving Target
4. My Crooked, Crooked Teeth
5. Fool’s Gold
6. When I Close My Eyes, All I See Is Fireworks
7. Escape Through The Casino
8. The Killing Floor
9. My Love Is The Dagger
10. Don’t You Come Around My Grave
11. End Credits

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