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Def Con Sound System is the experimental musical project of Toronto-based, Juno Award winning musician Adam Sewell.


Since 1996, former Monster Voodoo Machine vocalist Adam Sewell has used 'Def Con Sound System' as a catch-all band name for various miscellaneous musical projects; including soundtracks, one-off live performances, and even a short lived full-on touring band.


Sewell has recently completed the first full-length Def Con Sound System album titled ‘Silver Bullets’. Co-produced by Sewell, and Jon Drew (Arkells, Tokyo Police Club, Fucked Up), the album was conceived, and written as a fictional movie soundtrack compilation album which borrows from Sewell's love of '60s and '70s Spy film soundtracks, The Clash, trip hop, electronic music, reggae, punk, and combines everything into radically different sounding songs and soundscapes to (hopefully) take listeners into the world of ‘Silver Bullets’, and out of the comfort zone of a traditional rock album format.

“I am blessed to have found myself in a position with a musical project in Def Con Sound System that allows me to do anything that I want creatively. No rules. No boundaries. No stereotypical genre stereotypes to have to live up to, or exist by. The people who like this band, seem to like it because it breaks most of the rules of current musical convention. This to me is the most (quote/unquote) “punk” thing I could possibly do. And I’m thrilled to have this amount of artistic freedom.”

'Silver Bullets' was released July 12, 2019 on the Stereo Dynamite Recordings label (



Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Adam Sewell (aka: Adam “Doom” Sewell) is a Juno Award winning Canadian musician, songwriter, producer, music industry executive, record label owner, and artist manager. He is also the older brother of 11-time World Champion professional wrestler Shane Sewell.

A veteran of the Toronto punk and hardcore scenes (and a member of the late ’80s underground bands One Blood, Disaster, and Totentanz), Sewell continues to apply an independent, and forward-thinking approach (with an unhealthy amount of punk rock guilt) into everything that he does artistically.

Sewell is best known as the founder, and frontman of experimental bands Monster Voodoo Machine (RCA Records) and Def Con Sound System; and as the founder and owner of the independent record label and artist management company The Stereo Dynamite Music Company (formerly known as two separate entities: Stereo Dynamite Recordings, and Riot Rock Management).


Sewell served as GM, and A&R of Sanctuary Records Group Canada from 2000 – 2005. As an artist manager, his current management roster includes Rock Hall Of Fame inductee Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols), and Canadian dance music legend Simone Denny among many others. Sewell has previously worked with the bands Motorhead (2016 – 2020), and Lacuna Coil (2007 – 2016).

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