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Def Con Sound System's Adam Sewell will appear on The New York Hardcore Chronicles live stream show Wed. Oct. 12, 3- 5 pm.

Drew Stone - host of the New York Hardcore Chronicles - was the executive producer of the Monster Voodoo Machine 'Bastard Is As Bastard Does' music video along with video director and Cro-Mags riffmaster Parris Mayhew.

Chain wallets and windbreakers will be mandatory attire for this viewing and listening session! :)

Watch LIVE at the following websites:

At long last... the ‘Silver Bullets’ album companion books have arrived! Thank you to everyone who has been waiting so patiently. I’ll be sending these out right away.

The book is 40 pages documenting the writing, recording, and release of the album 'Silver Bullets'.

The books are included for free with the 'Silver Bullets' LP. And they are also available for order on their own.

LPs, and books can be ordered HERE:

The fantastic Rave & Drool: A Chronicle of '90s CanRock podcast have just updated their Monster Voodoo Machine / Adam Sewell interview episode.

An occasionally humorous, and very in depth conversation about the complicated history of the band.

Please give this a listen, and show some support for the podcast's incredible efforts to document many lost artists and moments of Canadian music history!

You can listen to the podcast here:

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