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Veteran Canadian musician Adam Sewell has just put the finishing touches on his latest project under the moniker he has used on and off for some twenty years, Def Con Sound System.  The full-length album SILVER BULLETS will be released via his own Stereo Dynamite Recordings on July 12th.  The album features a deeply cinematic vibe, with a loosely-themed collection of songs inspired by 1960s spy films and Tarantino-esque soundtracks. 

Of SILVER BULLETS, the former Monster Voodoo Machine frontman Adam Sewell commented, ““I don’t really listen to too many proper “albums”, or “rock records”. I tend to listen to soundtracks, compilation albums, and experimental DJ albums.  I wanted to make something that sounded like my own personal record collection mashed up, and filtered through a dark, suspenseful soundtrack compilation album…Sort of like ‘The Walking Dead’, or the ‘True Detective’ compilation albums; a collection of songs that musically covered a lot of territory, and took influences from multiple music genres, but still somehow maintained some sort of vibe or theme that tied the songs together.  So I created a fictional film in my mind, ‘Silver Bullets,’ and set about creating the soundtrack for it.”

Since 1996, Toronto-based, Juno Award-winning musician Adam Sewell has used Def Con Sound System as a catch-all band name for miscellaneous musical projects; including soundtracks, one-off live performances, and even a short lived full-on touring band.  Sewell  began writing the first Def Con Sound System full-length album in 2008. In 2011, the first single from the not-yet-finished album, “Pistol Whipped”, was released.  The song featured a Clash-meets-1960s spy soundtrack-sounding vibe which would hint at the direction Sewell and Def Con Sound System were headed musically.  Sewell would then find himself sidetracked for a number of years, co-writing and producing the critically-acclaimed retro-soul, debut solo album by former LOVE Inc vocalist Simone Denny titled THE STEREO DYNAMITE SESSIONS VOL. 1.

Fast forward to the year 2019 and Sewell has finally completed that full-length album which has become SILVER BULLETS. Co-produced by Sewell, and Jon Drew (Arkells, Tokyo Police Club, Fucked Up), the album was conceived, and written as a fictional movie soundtrack compilation album which combines radically different sounding songs and soundscapes to take the listener into the fictionally cinematic world of the non-existent film ‘Silver Bullets’, and out of the comfort zone of a traditional rock album format.

Def Con Sound System SILVER BULLETS track listing:

1.    Theme From Silver Bullets

2.    Pistol Whipped

3.    A Moving Target

4.    My Crooked, Crooked Teeth

5.    Fool’s Gold

6.    When I Close My Eyes, All I See Is Fireworks

7.    Escape Through The Casino

8.    The Killing Floor

9.    My Love Is The Dagger

10.  Don’t You Come Around My Grave

11.  End Credits

NEW: Short podcast interview just posted at

Grab a cup of coffee, and listen as Adam mumbles, slurs, and rambles on endlessly off topic during the first recorded interview for 'Silver Bullets'.  :)

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