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Adam Sewell to release debut memoir: Howl Like A Wounded Animal: Music Stories Vol. 1

"Howl Like A Wounded Animal is an instantly engaging, rapid fire, all-senses-on-11 experience. You can feel the sweat, taste the grit, hear the music... and the screams... and the occasional explosion. This is what those big budget billion dollar baby autobiographies should aspire to be. Sewell can proudly add "author" to his already impressive resumé."

- Carl Begai / BraveWords

“A laugh out loud, highly entertaining emotional rollercoaster! LOVE. IT.” - Derek Emerson / UXB Press

"This will be a fantastic movie or a TV series..." - Jake E / CYHRA


Hello everyone.

Over the past decade, a few of you have asked me to do this… and I’ve threatened a few times to actually get started on it… but now it’s finally DONE; I have written a book about a few of my (*cough…) Rock And Roll “adventures”.

The book is titled: Howl Like A Wounded Animal: Music Stories Vol. 1

27 chapters + 3 intros + 1 tearjerker of an epilogue.

It’s not an autobiography. And it’s not another pointless “check out how many drugs and fucked up things we did” Behind-The-Music approved glossy confessional. And it’s also not some tell-all industry-heavy name-dropping expose.

This book… is (hopefully) something else. Stories that cover the first 5 decades of my life in the world of music.


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