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😂😂😂 DED. What a dork that Old Man Sewell guy is. 😂

Some mornings you wake up far too early, consume waaaaaay too much coffee, and do your best "monkey hammering on a typewriter in a smoke-filled writers room" routine on facebook, and you type out a throwaway sentence or two that in the moment makes you laugh out loud to yourself. But then a day later... THIS HAPPENS 😂... and you suddenly regret not having used the self deprecating "laughs like Dr. Evil" font in that original post.

*You can read the original post: HERE

Jokes aside - All love to my good friends at for all of the fantastic support of Def Con Sound System and the Silver Bullets album!

Read all about it here:


Great conversation with RX Music Live's Steve Panacci discussing the Silver Bullets album, and Adam's work with Simone Denny.

Unquestionably one of the best and most in-depth interviews I've ever done. Really loved this conversation with the excellent writer Andrew Duncan at Selective Memory Magazine.

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